Orange County Medical Emergency Data System




The Orange County Medical Emergency Data System (OC-MEDS) is a multimodular integrated electronic data system and data standard that supports, archives, disseminates, and reports on prehospital medical records for emergency response agencies, ambulance transport providers, base hospitals, and receiving facility operations and outcomes. 

  • OC-MEDS Analytics: Various dashboards and reports.
  • OC-MEDS PCRS: An electronic patient care reporting system used by emergency response agencies, base hospitals, and ambulance transport providers to document and manage prehospital medical care events from the moment of a service request through transfer of care to a receiving facility.
  • OC-MEDS Hospital Hub: An electronic patient care reporting system used by receiving facilities for situational awareness of incoming patients, to access prehospital medical care records, and to provide outcome data.
  • OC-MEDS Patient Registry: An electronic patient care registry used by designated specialty centers to document, archive, and report on emergency specialty care events (e.g. trauma and stroke). 
  • OC-MEDS Report Writer: A data query and reporting resource available to Orange County EMS providers and base hospitals to assist with monitoring their operational and clinical performance.


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