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OC-MEDS Patient Registry

 OC-MEDS Patient Registry

The OC-MEDS Patient Registry is an electronic patient care registry used by designated specialty centers to document, archive, and report on emergency specialty care events (e.g. trauma and stroke). 


General Training Resources

Patient Registry: How to log-in Patient Registry: User Management

OCEMS Policies


Trauma Registry Training Resources 

Primary Cause of Injury Categories (updated 03/16/2023)


Stroke Registry Training Resources

Stroke Registry: Data Entry 1/5 Prehospital Tab Stroke Registry: Data Entry 2/5 Arrival Info Tab
Stroke Registry: Data Entry 3/5 Diagnosis Tab Stroke Registry: Data Entry 4/5 Treatment Tab
Stroke Registry: Data Entry 5/5 Completion Tab Stroke Registry: Working with Validation