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The Orange County Medical Emergency Data System electronic Patient Care Reporting (OC-MEDS PCRS) is the countywide EMS information system used to track patient care events from the request for emergency medical and ambulance services through transport and transfer of patient care to a receiving facility. The system is compliant with current standards as defined by the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS), the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS), and the OC-MEDS Data Dictionary (OCEMS Policy 300.31

OCEMS also supports providers' utilization of their own patient care reporting systems. Pursuant to California state statute (§1797.227) and local OCEMS Policy (300.30), all EMS Providers must utilize an electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) system that is certified compliant with the current version of NEMSIS (v3.4.0). The system must also be certified by OCEMS as compliant with current statewide CEMSIS data standards, the OC-MEDS Data Dictionary, and sustain a patent connection with OC-MEDS as specified in OCEMS Policy (300.32) Please contact OCEMS via email at for further information.


Training Resources

User Account Security and Password Reset Standards - Training for Field Personnel




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Resources for Third Party ePCR Managers

CEMSIS Schematron

CEMSIS Data Lists

NEMSIS Schematron

NEMSIS Data Dictionary (3.4)

Using NEMSIS Custom Configuration

The OC-MEDS Data Dictionary includes several custom data elements that meet the operational and medical control needs of the Orange County EMS System. These custom data elements have been created in compliance with NEMSIS Custom Configuration Guidelines. Several sample XML files which use these custom data elements are included below.

- Abdominal Pain - 3.4.0 XML Sample
- Chest Pain - 3.4.0 XML Sample
- Cardiac Arrest - 3.4.0 XML Sample
- Respiratory - 3.4.0 XML Sample
- Stroke - 3.4.0 XML Sample
- Trauma - 3.4.0 XML Sample

OC-MEDS Code Registry

 - Code Registry File (Updated 10/26/2016)