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OC-MEDS Bi-Directional Data Exchange Project



Orange County Emergency Medical Services (OCEMS) is actively working on a project to strengthen and enhance the existing EMS data system (known as the Orange County Medical Emergency Data System, or OC-MEDS) by enabling bi-directional health care data exchange between 9-1-1 EMS provider agencies and OCEMS designated emergency receiving centers (ERC) throughout the County.

This project will establish secure connections between OC-MEDS and each respective ERC’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) system(s) to ensure real time availability of EMS records for clinical use and ensure return of patient outcome data to EMS providers and OCEMS to improve patient care and countywide medical/health situational awareness.

Project Timeline: Jan. 2022 through Jul. 2023


Additional Information:

File                                                                                          Date
Training for EMS Personnel - Using the Barcode Scanner in Elite Field to Link Patient Records Jun. 01, 2023
Bi-Directional Data Exchange Informational Webinar - Video of Presentation Feb. 16, 2022
Bi-Directional Data Exchange Informational Webinar - Presentation Slides Feb. 16, 2022
OC-MEDS Health Information Hub (HIH) - Hospital Integration Guide Mar. 02, 2022