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OC-MEDS ePCR Training Resources Archive

Archived 04/01/2024


Archived 10/01/2023

 User Account Security and Password Reset Standards - Training for Field Personnel




Video: Elite (Web): Using the Incident List to View Multiple Incidents
Video: Elite (Web): Incident List Custom Views 11-07-2016
Video: Elite Field: ePCR Template Update (Public Assist) - 11-14-2016
Video: Elite Field: Syncing and Basic Troubleshooting - 11-29-2016
Video: Elite Field: How to Perform a Manual Sync - 12-05-2016
Video: Elite Field: Managing Multiple Patients - 12-12-2016
Video: Elite Field: CAD / Transfers Filter by Unit# and APGAR PowerTool - 01-03-2017
Video: Elite Field: Scanning Driver's Licenses w/ iPad Camera (Installation / Use) - Updated 01-10-2017
Video: Elite Field: Use of Filters During Transfer Downloads - 01-10-2017
Video: Elite Field: Uploading Attachments - 02-27-2017
Video: Complete on Post and Locking Workflow - 03-21-2017
Video: Use of Addendums and Run Unlocking 03-28-2017
Video: Cardiac Arrest Situation Tool and HIE Components - 03-30-2017
Video: Setting Additional User Permissions - 04-18-2017
Video: Elite Field - 12 Lead Situation Tool - 06-26-2017
Video: Elite Field - Posting Multiple Patient Care Report - 06-27-2017
Video: Transfer and Post Button - 05-14-2018
Video: 911 IFT Documentation for Unstable Patients (Formerly Call Continuation) - 06-21-2018


Archived 06/01/2019

Elite Admin Guide PDF

Elite Implementation Slide Set

Elite Train the Trainer PDF