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Press Release

OC Health Care Agency and City of Costa Mesa Collaborate to Address Homelessness and Behavioral Health

(Santa Ana, CA) –  (October 25, 2023) The OC Health Care Agency (HCA) is partnering with the City of Costa Mesa to enhance services for individuals experiencing homelessness and serious behavioral health conditions. This joint initiative, through the Behavioral Health Bridge Housing (BHBH) Program, is funded through a $4 million grant from the County of Orange (County).
"The partnership between the County of Orange and the City of Costa Mesa reflects our unwavering dedication to the welfare of our community," said Chairman Donald P. Wagner, Third District Supervisor. "The BHBH Program is a crucial step forward in addressing the homelessness crisis and supporting those with behavioral health challenges.”
The primary objective of the BHBH Program is to provide immediate and sustainable solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness who face significant behavioral health barriers to accessing assistance. A total of 15 new beds will be established through this grant. The program allocates funds for operational and supportive services and for facilitating the expansion of bridge housing initiatives.
"For too long, cities invested local dollars to boost up the County's system of care; but it's a new day in Orange County. The BHBH Program serves as a testament to the County's commitment to combat the homelessness, behavioral health, and substance use crises head on," said Supervisor Katrina Foley, Fifth District. "This new housing for our most vulnerable residents fills a gap in the current system of care, expands the Costa Mesa shelter, and creatively leverages funding to expand supportive services.”
The BHBH Program is part of the larger initiative led by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), which will provide a total of $1.5 billion in funding. For more information about the program and a list of grant recipients, the public can visit here.
“For years, Costa Mesa has led the way in addressing homelessness through outreach and housing, being one of the first to build a homeless shelter,” said City of Costa Mesa Mayor, John Stephens. “The County’s BHBH Program will fill a gap in our service by providing on site mental health and addiction treatment. We thank the County, and Supervisor Katrina Foley specifically, for partnering with Costa Mesa to assist those in the greatest need.” 
The collaboration between the County and the City of Costa Mesa underscores the benefit of partnerships in addressing complex societal issues. This joint effort will leverage resources and expertise from both sides to forge the new project.
"This partnership enhances our ability to support the well-being of our community,” said HCA’s Chief of Mental Health and Recovery Services, Dr. Veronica Kelley. “The program will offer a lifeline to those experiencing homelessness and struggling with serious behavioral health conditions."

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