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911 EATS Contract Report

The linked playlist has videos with information on how to use the report:

OCEMS 911 EATS Report Instructional Videos

Update frequency -
This dashboard is updated following the end of the Data Amendment Request Procedure for each fiscal month. The timeline is found in Region A 911 EATS Contract Exhibit A.II.D.1.e.2., and in Region B, C, D, & E 911 EATS Contract, Exhibit A.II.D.1.f.3. Contract Agreements  

Note -
This data is dynamic! Drilling down to a specific date or date range, region, category, etc. may provide insight, but should not be generalized to the entirety of any Region or Contractor performance. Doing so would not be an accurate representation of measured performance; contractors are held to a monthly 95% compliance rate based on contract standards. Refer to the 911 EATS Contract for all contractually obligated requirements . Contract Agreements

EMS Ambulance Performance Staff

EMS Performance Chief Adrian Rodriguez EMSAmbulancePerformance@ochca.com Phone (714) 834-4611
EMS Specialist Juan Alvarez EMSAmbulancePerformance@ochca.com Phone (714) 834-4611
EMS Specialist Andrew Roberts EMSAmbulancePerformance@ochca.com Phone (714) 834-4611
EMS Specialist Justin Newton EMSAmbulancePerformance@ochca.com Phone (714) 834-4611

9-1-1 Ambulance Contract Provider Information

Community Education

*The above information is provided to OCEMS by each contractor. All items are subject to change. The contractor is responsible for all content hosted on their website, social media, and online instructional platforms.




    Current Contract Agreements

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    Email: EMSAmbulancePerformance@ochca.com

    EMS Ambulance Performance Section FAQs

    Q: I submitted a complaint. How long can I expect before I hear something?
    A: Complaints are reviewed and processed as soon as they are received, during regular business hours.

    • Complaints that are reviewed with no violation determined will be documented. The complainant will receive a letter of explanation with the results of the complaint investigations.
    • Complaints that are determined to be an immediate threat to safety and health are addressed within 24 hours of receipt.
      • Both the complainant and the licensee will be notified in writing of receipt of complaint and action to be taken.

    Q: I am having a hard time filling out the online complaint form. Who can help me?
    A: You can visit the Contact Us page to talk with the EMS Ambulance Performance Section staff for assistance or any questions regarding the complaint form.

    Q: Where can I find policy and procedure relating to complaint processing?
    A: OCEMS Policies # 720.20 and 392 can be found here. They are also located in “Policies” section of the EMS website.