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Test Code

Aeromonas Culture BACT B1
Arthropod Identification PARA P1
Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity, Aerobic BACT B2
Bacterial Culture for Identification (Salmonella/Shigella) BACT B20

Bacterial Culture, Anaerobic 

(Call laboratory before submitting specimens for consultation)

Bacterial Reference Culture for Identification, Aerobic BACT B4
Bacterial Reference Culture for Identification, Anaerobic BACT B5
Campylobacter Culture BACT B7
Candida auris Screen MYCOL M3
Chlamydia/ Gonorrhea NAAT VIRO V1

Clostridium botulinum Culture & Toxin Testing 

(Call Laboratory before submitting specimens)

Cryptosporidium/ Giardia Screen PARA P2
Cyclospora Screen PARA P3
Diphtheria Culture BACT B9
Entamoeba histolytica/ E. dispar Differentiation PARA P4
Escherichia coli (STEC) Culture BACT B10
Gonorrhea Culture BACT B12
Gonorrhea, Microscopic Exam BACT B14
Gonorrhea, Reference Culture for Identification BACT B13
HCV Quantitative RNA SERO S58
Helminth Identification PARA P5
Hepatitis A IgG Antibody SERO S76
Hepatitis A IgM Antibody SERO S19

Hepatitis Acute Panel, includes:

Hepatitis A IgM, S19 Hepatitis B Surface Ag, S22 Hepatitis B Core IgM, S20 Hepatitis C Total Ab, S24 (includes confirmation, if required, S58)

Hepatitis B Core IgM Antibody SERO S20
Hepatitis B Core Total Antibody SERO S21
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Antibody SERO S23
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Screen SERO S22

Hepatitis C Ab Total

Includes confirmation if required (HCV Quantitative PCR, S58, if required)


Hepatitis Screening Panel, includes:

Hepatitis B Surface Ag Antibody, S23 Hepatitis B Surface Ag Screen, S22 Hepatitis B Core Total , S21 Hepatitis C Total Ab, S24 (includes confirmation, if required, S58)

Herpes Simplex & Varicella Zoster NAAT VIRO V23

HIV 1 Antigen Nucleic Acid Test

(HIV-1 Qualitative PCR) Per CDC recommendations

SERO Performed when required (see S31)
HIV 1 Viral Load Aptima SERO S68

HIV 1,2 Ag/Ab Screen

Includes confirmation if required (HIV 1,2 Antibody Differentiation, and HIV 1 Qualitative PCR, if required)

HIV 1,2 Antibody Differentiation SERO Performed when required (see S31)
Influenza PCR VIRO V8
Isospora Screen PARA P6
Legionella Culture BACT B16
Leptospira Culture BACT B104
Malaria/Blood Parasite Screen PARA P7
Measles Antibody IgG and IgM SERO S43
Measles PCR VIRO V9
Microsporidia Screen PARA P8
Mumps PCR VIRO V12
Mycobacterium Culture and Sensitivity MYCOB T1
Mycobacterium Culture for Identification MYCOB T2
Mycobacterium Smear MYCOB T3
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antimicrobial Drug Level Sendout MYCOB T5
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) MYCOB T4
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Culture for Reportable Disease Only MYCOB T7
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Culture Identification and Susceptibility MYCOB T6
Mycology Primary Specimen Identification (Fungus/Yeast) MYCOB M1
Mycology Reference Culture Identification (Fungus/Yeast) MYCOB M2
Norovirus PCR VIRO V7
Occult Blood BACT B17
Ova and Parasite Exam PARA P9
Pinworm Exam PARA P11
Pneumocystis Screen PARA P12
Rabies DFA VIRO V2
Respiratory Pathogen Panel VIRO Performed when required (see V8)
Salmonella/Shigella Culture BACT B19
Salmonella/Shigella Reference Culture BACT B20


Multiple Methods, selected by OCPHL

Serology Sendout

Write test name on bottom of requisition

Streptococcus Group A Culture (Throat Screen) BACT B21
Syphilis Confirmation (TP-PA) SERO Performed when required (see S90)
Syphilis Darkfield, Microscopic Exam BACT B22
Syphilis RPR SERO Performed when required (see S90)
Syphilis RPR No Reflex SERO S80
Syphilis Screen Immunoassay (includes RPR and TP-PA, if required) SERO S90
Toxoplasma Antibody SERO S61
Trichomonas Nucleic Acid Amplification Test VIRO V17
Urinalysis  BACT B25
Vibrio Culture BACT B27
Virology Sendout VIRO V103
Yersinia Culture BACT B29